Unique Elements that expand the design and creative possibilities of the Breakdance Website Builder.
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Element Hive Elements in Mashup Preview Composition
WebGL Media Hover Distort in Mashup Preview Composition
WebGL Media Hover Distort in Mashup Preview Composition

Build Unique Web Experiences With Ease

Still Growing
Glue Button
Gooey Link
Ink Mouse Cursor
WebGL Fluid Simulation
Link Media Reveal
WebGL Fluid Simulation
Link Media Reveal Menu
Gooey Link Menu
Gooey Link Menu
Glue Button Menu
WebGL Media Hover Distort
Gooey Link Menu
Easy to use

Breakdance Experience

All the elements and extensions are fully integrated with the Breakdance builder and all customization options are configurable from within the Breakdance builder.

Creative Elements & Extension

Breakdance comes with pretty much all the elements you would need for a traditional website. Elements Hive focus is with Interactive UI Patterns, Animations and Micro-interactions.

Make It Yours

All Elements come with a number of customization options to make them flexible while still being easy to use. if you're feeling adventurous, you can always duplicate the plugin and edit the available elements via the Breakdance Element Studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I use Elements Hive without Breakdance?

    No. Breakdance is required for Elements Hive to work.

  • What are the minimum requirements?

    The same as Breakdance.

  • Is it free to use?

    Yes, at the moment there is only a free version.

  • Is it compatible with 'insert name' theme/plugin?

    There shouldn't be any issues if the theme or plugin is compatible with Breakdance. If you encounter a bug, please report it.

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