Content Accordion

An Advanced Accordion element with a number of pre-defined buttery smooth animations. Being a container element, you are free to add whatever elements you need under each Content Accordion Item giving you total freedom over the design and use cases.

In its default/collapsed state, a Content Accordion Item can include an icon and/or a text of your choosing on top of the standard styling options you might need ( background color/gradient or image, etc )

Content Tab


  • Content Accordion Item: Adds a content accordion item. You can add whatever elements you need for your design under this container


Design Tab

Accordion Animation:

  • Transition: The animation style to use for opening and closing items
  • Expand Factor: How big an item will get when its opened
  • Duration: The duration of the animation


Content Animation:

  • Duration: The animation duration for the elements you added to the Content Accordion Item
  • Stagger Animation: By default, when an item is opened, the elements you have added inside the content accordion item are all animated at the same time. If this is enabled, each element will be animated sequentially instead with a small delay between each element creating a staggered reveal effect.