Ink Cursor

A background extension that allows you to change the mouse cursor into an ink-like entity that can be applied to a section or to the whole page.


  • Cursor Style: The visual style of the cursor
    • Drop: A single ink drop
    • Track: Two ink drops of the same size that track each other when the cursor moves
    • Droplet: Two ink drops of different sizes that track each other when the cursor moves
  • Size: The size of the cursor
  • Color: The color of the cursor
  • Blend Mode: The color blending mode. This is useful when you want to make items below the cursor visible. By default, the Difference mode is enabled!
  • Oscillate on Idle: Whether to animate the cursor when there is no cursor movement
  • Apply to whole page: Applies the cursor to the whole page
  • Z-index: The z-index of the cursor