Link Media Reveal

An Interactive UI Pattern for links that displays a hover-over preview of an Image or Video using smooth animations.


Content Tab


  • Text: The link Text
  • Link: The link for the text
  • Tag: Wraps the link inside the given HTML tag



  • Media: The image or video shown on hover


Reveal Effect

  • Style: The effect used to reveal the chosen media


Move Effects

Note: These effects are optionally applied on mouse move and touch move when the media is visible.

  • Apply Squeeze: Applies scale effect
  • Apply Tilt: Applies a slight rotational effect


Design Tab


  • Width: The width of the media container
  • Height: The height of the media container
  • Align Center: Align the media container to the center relative to the mouse position
  • Border Radius: Applies a border radius to the media container



  • Full Width: The link container takes the full width of it’s parent container