WebGL Fluid

A background extension that allows you to apply an Interactive WebGL Fluid Simulation as a background to a section or to the whole page.


  • Relative To: Where the WebGL Fluid will be visible
    • Section: Only shows the WebGL Fluid on the current section
    • Page: Shows the WebGL Fluid on the whole page
  • Color Type:  The type of Color to use
    • Colorful: Mixes a random set of colors at once
    • Random: A Single random color gets generated after each mouse click
    • Custom: Uses the chosen color
  • Radius: The size of the initial splat drawn
  • Draw on Load: Draws random splats on load
  • Bloom: Adds a glow effect to the whole scene
  • Sunrays: Emits rays of light out of the splats making the splats shinier