WebGL SlideShow ( Element )

The WebGL Slideshow element is a slideshow element that allows you to show your images with a variety of WebGL-based transition effects.

Content Tab


  • Images: List of images to use in the slideshow.
  • Apply Cover: Simulates something equivalent to a CSS background-cover that stretches the images from the center to cover the whole canvas.



  • Effect: The transition effect to use
    • Blend Wave: Blends portions of the current and the next images and elevates the blended portion creating a wave-like effect.
    • Blobs: Creates random blob-like artifacts revealing the next image.
    • Circular Mask: Create a circular shaped mask revealing the next image.
    • Color Mix: Mixes the color of the current image into the next image with a delayed effect creating a residual effect during the transition
  • Direction: (Applies to the Blend Wave and Circular Mask effects only )  The direction of the effect.
  • Invert: (Applies to the Circular Mask effect only ) Inverts the effect ( The default is to reveal the next image, this will instead hide the current image during the transition ).
  • Scale: ( Applies to the Blobs effect only ) The size of the blobs.
  • Blur Level: ( Applies to the Blobs effect only ) The blur level of the edges of the blobs.



  • Transition Duration: The duration of the transition
  • Transition Interval: The interval between each transition


Design Tab



  • Width: The width of the container.
  • Height: The height of the container.
  • Border Radius: The border radius of the container.